Hi, my name is Kimberleigh. I am a Generation X-er or a Millenial…it depends on who’s labeling. I seem to fall in the middle.

I have but one sister, but we grew up knitted closely together with 4 generations of our extended family, so my family seems huge. My sister is my best friend, my cousins are more like sisters…I discovered this in college.

I married my high school sweetheart…and that is only because there is not a term for marrying the boy you crushed on from the age of 10. As it turns out, we are best friends and make an awesome team…everything else we have to work on in various frequencies. We have the type of love story best-selling novels are made of, and so much about us doesn’t make sense that we laugh about it frequently…those who have had a front row seat on any major portion of our story will concur. Our life together is crazy, hard, exciting, unpredictable, sweet, sad, and fun. Together we are easy and a LOT of work all at the same time.

I am the mother of 4 children: 2 planned, 2 not. This is a running joke at our house; when people try to guess who our surprises are, they get it wrong. Should you ever meet them and this topic come up, we have no “accidents” but two glorious surprises.

I spent every year following 2002 as an educator. I wanted to be a doctor, a therapist, a counselor, a singer….anything but a teacher. However, it seems that after a lifelong apprenticeship in the home of one of the world’s greatest educators, my resistance was futile. It is simply a part of me. I am an educator trying to figure out what I want to be when I “grow up”.

I can probably relate to you on some level…I have been a stay-at-home-mom, a career woman, a homeschool mom, a private school mom, a public school mom. I have lived with abundance, and I have lived in a place that warranted celebrations over a new tube of toothpaste. ( I’m totally serious.) I have lived the life of a “royal” (a phrase coined by mean kids), and I have lived where I was known by no one outside the walls of my house. I have felt smart and been the dumb blonde. I have been pretty, and I have been the girl in the group that made everyone else look pretty. I have had it all together (these moments are fleeting but so enjoyable), but most often I more resemble the absent-minded professor. And probably like you, I have been sad and full of joy in all of these roles.

For as long as I can remember, there have been these moments in my life where I felt overwhelmed by the vastness of the world, the millions of people in it, their different experiences and knowledge, and the fact that I could never know the world from any view but behind my own eyes. I would never look at me or know me or think of me from the vantage point of another person. It always made me feel trapped and claustrophobic.  I guess as a means to expand my limitations and to try to grasp glimpses of the world through the eyes of another, I fell in love with culture, stories of both people and people groups, past and present. As a result, I wonder a lot. I have a lot of questions…some are delicate…maybe even invasive, I do not mean to be rude, I want to see your view.

I hope that by sharing my life…my view in this crazy world of edited posts and pictures…edited lives! that you can receive the gift of grace for your everyday that God offers you. Only then can you rest in His acceptance of who you are and accept yourself.

I love Elohim, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. Because of all of the confusion and hijacking of the “C” word, I am not going to use it here, but in posts when I do…this is what I mean. I am simply a woman desperately in love with and in need of this multi-faceted triune God I have come to know. I cannot breathe or think or be without Him.